The Bite Club – Room 39



So the other day Katie sent me a note telling me to send our blog to The Pitch.


Because they, along with Chris Olsen, have put together a group, a food fellowship if you will, called “The Bite club”. Read more about it here.

What’s the Bite Club? Can’t tell you. Thats’s the first rule of Bite Club.

Ok I’ll tell you. It’s a group that consists of two types of people. The first group are the ones that get weirdly excited about food. I’d place myself in this group. The second group are those that would probably live tweet the birth of their future child. The social media guru type’s that have more followers than people’s faces Bon Jovi has rocked (spoiler, a million faces).

Anyways, the Pitch, Chris Olsen and the restaurant wine and dine us in exchange for our written experiences. The restaurant we went to was Room 39.

So let’s set the stage…

Katie and I enter the restaurant, it’s 7:30pm. The white tablecloths glow in soft lighting as the bartender mixes a martini so fine he’s developed an aura around him.


We sit down, meet our food fellowship (seriously amazingly friendly people), and prepare our minds to be blown.

And I really do mean prepare our minds to be blown. We had absolutely NO IDEA how well put together this “thing” was going to be. I’m talking 5 course meal with wine pairings and head chef educational sessions where we learnt all sorts of culinary craziness.

So what did we end out eating? Glad you asked…

Course one: Charcuterie Plate


A plate filled with Pâté, Foie gras, Duck, and what’s left of your dignity as you shovel as much as you can fit into your mouth. 


Course two: Watermelon salad with grilled corn, queso fresco, arugula, pine nuts and jalapeño vinaigrette


Extremely refreshing, especially after the powerhouse flavors of the charcuterie plate.


Course three: Goat cheese gnocchi with lobster, local mushrooms and nettle cream


One of the strangest things I’ve ever had. But 100% delicious. Nettles are a local plant that they have turned into this amazing sauce that covers the goat cheese gnocci, mushrooms and lobster. I hate mushrooms with the passion of a thousand dying suns and I still ate every single one on this plate. Amazing.


Course four: Duroc Pork Chop – summer vegetable succotash, tasso, fried okra and crum farm grits


So this one made me nervous to order at first. How the chef recommends it is much rarer than one would think wise for pork. But as I wanted a taste of the south (grits), I placed my life into his hands. He did not disappoint. The meat was absurdly tasty. I don’t know if I could ever go back to dry pork chops ever again. One complaint, the tasso was a bit overpowering for me, but nothing that the perfectly seasoned grits couldn’t handle.


Course five: Dessert medley


More or less endless desserts. What else do you people want me to say? It was all perfect.


So moral of this post is that Ted Habiger of Room 39 is the patron Saint of “F@#! that tastes good”.

Go eat there immediately.




Thank you so much The Pitch, Chris Olsen and Ted from Room 39 for such an amazing night.

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