My life with an Etsy crafter

Marriage has a way of exposing the demons that dwell deep below our shells. Like how Katie didn’t realize until after I put a ring on it that I’m a closet doomsday prepper or that I’m a barely functioning human that relies 100% on the smeared notes that I write on the back of my hand. But until recently, most of theses surprises came from my end. Katie’s a fairly open book. Provide doughnuts – enjoy a loving relationship.

Until it happened.

It started out on the web. I’d catch a glimpse of a sparrow necklace or wine bottle candle holder.

Then it came to our home. Heralded by twine and cursive web-fonts.

The cricut. 

What’s a cricut? It’s a machine that cuts vinyl.

Why would you need to cut vinyl? Simple.

To monogram the universe.

You see, deep below within my wife slept a stirring sleeper, and Etsy woke it from it’s slumber.

Katie … is an Etsy crafter.

What she makes is “personalized office supplies”. Which means that she puts your monogram on good looking organizers, pencil holders and catchall trays. Apparently this is something that girls like. My proof is that she’s been selling like crazy.

This has changed our life in a few ways. But here are the main things you need to know before entering into a union with an Etsy crafter.

  • You will straight COVET boxes
  • You will develop strong opinions on bubble wrap
  • The smell of packing tape will haunt your dreams
  • You know that you live and die based on shipping costs
  • You learn the difference between gray and storm gray
  • You’ll buy a scale and not use it for drugs like in the movies

But I’ll tell you this … the stuff she makes actually looks pretty damn good. Her store is called The Office Chic – below are some examples.

the office chic organizer

the office chic trays

the office chic large tray
She even made me my very own personalized notebook based off of everything I love in life.



Go check it out if this is something you’re into. After all, it helps pay for my crippling corgi sweater addiction.

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