Longboards Wraps & Bowls – Mission Location Q&A

Food is probably the biggest driving factor in my life. That or the hope that one day my brain will evolve to give me super sweet telekinesis. But even if that happened, I’d just end up using it to steal wraps from Longboards and levitate them all the way back to my house.

Maybe in fear of the lost profits they would most definitely incur if this happened or maybe because they are just awesome people, Longboards is FINALLY opening a location down south.

Longboards closest location to us at the moment is all the why up in North KC. We make the trip every once in awhile but, nothing against North KC, it feels like we’re two hobbits leaving the shire headed towards a sriracha filled Mount Doom every time we do it. It’s so far away we have to pack snacks. And elven blades incase of bridge trolls.

But then, heralded by angels and framed in lens flares, the news came. LONGBOARDS IS COMING TO MISSION.

So naturally Katie got us in contact with John, who works with Longboards to ask him some super important questions.


Here are said important questions:


How large is the new space? How much seating will there be?

New place is between 1300-1400 sq feet, and there will be seating for 30 or so.

Why did you decide to put the new location in Mission?

We picked Mission for a few reasons.  We knew we wanted to come down south and we had a lot of interest from customers in Johnson County.  We didn’t want to get too far from our first two locations so we looked from State Line to Shawnee, I35 to 435.  After looking at tons of locations and getting to know each area, Mission really stood out.  It had a neighborhood feel to it, it was near OP, Shawnee, the Plaza, and downtown KC.  It was close to the highway and lots of other shops, and they are really investing in the area…you can see that with all the construction on Johnson Dr (which will be done very soon!).

When will it open?

We’re shooting to open some time in August.  The earlier the better, but a lot has to come together.

Will it differ from your other locations at all?

Will it differ from our other locations…hmm.  Yes and no.  Expect to see a lot of the same people there…we’ve got a lot of our crew coming down south to be at the Mission location.  Menu will be largely the same, although expect a surprise or two.  Decor will be similar but not the same.  Each one gets its own unique feel.  Got any island souvenirs you’d like to donate to be on the wall?

If you were abducted by Robots, what one menu item would you bring with you?

A robot abduction and one menu item to bring along.  Well, it is a special and not on our daily menu, but it would be the Chuck Norris for obvious reasons.  Escape from the robots and be completely full.

If you recall the 1993 movie “Surf Ninjas” Which brother would you most want to work at Longboards?

Ah yes, Surf Ninjas…a Longboards favorite.  Johnny is our fav…he and Joshua, Gilbert’s younger brother, look alike.

Will there be any specials for the grand opening?

In Liberty we had a special for the grand opening…I’m sure we’ll do something but have no idea what yet.

You should partner with Sully’s across the street and have an after-hours “Beerboards” party…just sayin’

Its funny you mention Sullys.  Every time we tell people where we’re going they have a different recommendation for a neighborhood bar.  We had no idea we would have so many local watering holes nearby.


So here is an info recap:

Opens sometime in August

Will be located at 5415 Johnson Dr in Mission, at Mission Mart

Watch Surf Ninjas

Eat all of their food and give them all of your money




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