I’m a nerd and I write comics

So if you’ve ever read anything I’ve ever written, you know I’m a nerd.

I’m obsessed with superheroes, magic and the tantalizing dream of ruling the world.

As Katie doesn’t let me enact my will upon you all, I have to get creative. I have to make my own little worlds where these desires can play nice with the other kids.

So I write comics.

Like a nerd.

A few months ago I was working on some Middle of the Map stuff (Design 2 Beat poster challenge) and I saw an illustrator’s submission (@jukeboxcomix) to the competition. It was awesome and exactly what I wanted for my comics. So I reached out to her and we started something that I like a lot.

It’s called Ye Mighty.

And it looks like this.


If you have some time today, I’d love for you to go look at it.

The story in a nutshell deals with what happens when the hero of the story doesn’t win, and the consequences of putting your will and desire above the worlds.

No worries if you hate it, I’ll just conquer you and your family first when I finally convince Katie to let me start my campaign.

And if you love it?

Awesome. Subscribe to the page as there will be more coming!

And just for kicks – here’s a time-lapse of @jukeboxcomix drawing a page.



Check it out here: yemighty.com

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