I’d like to believe that Katie and I don’t waste our lives away in mediocrity and distraction. That we wake up each morning and breath life and exhale excellence. Taking everything we do to the boundaries and stepping one foot over the line. This weekend we did none of that. And it was amazing. We […]

April 17th, 2013 – A date that will forever go down in the annuals of history as the day Katie official became an old lady. This month marked Katie’s 23rd birthday! She is totally ancient now. And has to now stop singing Taylor Swift’s “22” which I think bothers her a lot more than she […]

This Easter the Hudson’s made the trip up to Oz to see Katie and myself. So being that Katie and I are very worldly, exciting people, we had a weekend filled with the most exclusive clubs, parties and wine tasting events. And by clubs, parties and wine tastings we mean to say, museums, dyeing eggs […]