Boxing The Shame Away

There comes a time in a man’s life when he’s met with a challenge. He is faced with the tough choices in life, that prototypical crossroads with the devil at one end, and salvation at the other.

My crossroads was whether or not to give up eating all you can eat Chinese buffets.

I’m a weak man that is easily corruptible through food. As I’m getting older, I’m also getting fatter. So I’m left with the choice – give up my love of buffets or continue down that salt and fat paved road.

I chose neither.

Enter Sweet Z’s Gym. A place lined with blood, sweat and lost dignity.



As I was unable to part with my delicious foods, I turned to exercise to maintain and improve my increasingly soft body.

I chose Sweet Z’s gym because, no matter what, all men have a desire to punch shit. It sounded like a ton of fun. And after the first few bloody nose’s, gums and ruined shirts, it was!


See that picture? That’s me FIGHTING a dude (his name is Andrew and he hits like the Hulk throwing a horse that is also a hulk).

Straight. Up. Gangsta.

He later got me in the kidney and I had to sit down and evaluate my life for a bit.


It’s a fantastic place that’s kept me in Buffet Eating Shape. That is to say, it’s kept me skinny enough to convince my wife that I’m allowed to still eat buffet’s.

Check it out:

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