An Endless Grey of Snow

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Amongst the flurries in an endless grey of snow, a man ventures into the cold heart of a storm. His goal lies beyond the grey. Beyond the flung flakes and ice. He risks it all for the most noble of causes.

He needs pictures to write a blog post.

In all honesty, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WEATHER. Snow just holds way too many fond memories for me, even though it puts Katie into some weird state of hibernation that limits her to only 3 ventures past her couch fort.

Perhaps I’m a son of Höðr (look it up) or maybe it’s just my Canadian blood awakening to it’s natural state of polar awesomeness, but whatever it is, it’s how I was meant to exist. Which draws a sharp contrast with Katie’s sub-tropical temperament…

The only problems I have noticed this day are:

1) I don’t have a dog to explore the snow with

2) Strouds was closed, so I couldn’t eat fried chicken

3) Katie wouldn’t play in the snow with me

4) No Mario Kart…

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