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The Bite Club – Room 39

  So the other day Katie sent me a note telling me to send our blog to The Pitch. Why? Because they, along with Chris Olsen, have put together a group, a food fellowship if you will, called “The Bite club”.┬áRead more about it here. What’s the Bite Club? Can’t tell you. Thats’s the first rule of Bite Club. Ok… Read more →


Longboards Wraps & Bowls – Mission Location Q&A

Food is probably the biggest driving factor in my life. That or the hope that one day my brain will evolve to give me super sweet telekinesis. But even if that happened, I’d just end up using it to steal wraps from Longboards and levitate them all the way back to my house. Maybe in fear of the lost profits… Read more →

photo 5

Jessy Done Got Hitched

This is a bit overdue. But I’m a busy man with various stuff to do. Like work, try to do push-ups so I can wear tank-tops, and make my wife watch Game of Thrones until she likes it. I’m hoping for a Stockholm like Syndrome to take effect. I NEED HER TO LOVE IT. And speaking of wives… Jessy became… Read more →