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Jessy Done Got Hitched

This is a bit overdue. But I’m a busy man with various stuff to do. Like work, try to do push-ups so I can wear tank-tops, and make my wife watch Game of Thrones until she likes it. I’m hoping for a Stockholm like Syndrome to take effect. I NEED HER TO LOVE IT. And speaking of wives… Jessy became… Read more →


Friday Favorites: Savannah Ellis “Child Of Dust” EP

Ok – I’m about to do something that I never thought in 10,000 years I’d do. Endorse Christian music. Don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against religions (minus Scientology). It’s just I’ve never had a great love for Christian music. I think I’d rather vote democrat before listening to worship music. It’s almost always a knock off version of… Read more →


Memphis Wedding

This last weekend Katie and I had the pleasure of traveling down to Memphis to celebrate Stuart and Hillary’s wedding and the fact that even a BBQ famous city still can’t get on Kansas City’s level. You ain’t got nothing on our burnt ends, bitches.  We left Thursday after work, deciding to spend the night in Springfield to break the trip up. It… Read more →